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Sarah and David Herrmann are contributing writers for the Hawaii Catholic Herald under Embracing Family

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Hawaii Catholic Herald, 10/14/2020

Some Catholics say, “I am pro-life!? We’ve even participated in the 40 Days for Life campaign. We pray the rosary as a family, too!”

Protecting life from the moment of conception is a particularly important aspect of respecting life. However, we cannot stop there. What about life after birth?


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Hawaii Catholic Herald, 07/22/2020

he world seems increasingly uncertain! Every morning, we don’t know what will be happening at school or at work. When will school start? Will it be in person? Online? Hybrid? Will the children need to wear masks? What will happen if a child at the school is infected?...



A month of May like no other

Hawaii Catholic Herald, 05/13/2020

Except for the very few (if any) readers of this column who were alive during the Spanish flu of 1918, this month of May will be like no other May in our lives.

May conjures up many images: Mother’s Day, first Communions, confirmations, graduations, end-of-the-year...



Hawaii Catholic Herald, 02/05/2020

Everywhere we go, we see hearts and roses. It seems we cannot escape pink, red and white decorations, and chocolate galore. Many parents feel we’ve finally recuperated from the inundation of sweets for Halloween and cookies at Christmas … and now, it’s Valentine’s Day! How can we get away from the consumerism of...


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Hawaii Catholic Herald, 09/16/2020

Our lives have been filled with nonstop news stories about many people touting their freedom, the fact that they have the right to do what they want, when they want. One question that people worldwide are facing is the choic



Hawaii Catholic Herald, 04/15/2020

Who would have ever thought that our lives would have changed drastically over the past few weeks? Many of us look back at 9/11 as a day that changed history and the lives of each one of us. Amid the fear and anguish, we also saw our country unite, and...



Hawaii Catholic Herald, 01/22/2020

It’s impossible to share the faith with our children without embracing it ourselves. “Well, that’s why I send them to Faith Formation or Catholic School!” Not quite! Sharing the faith is primarily the responsibility of the parents. We are the domestic church. Take a moment and envision Jesus walking among us today. If...



Hawaii Catholic Herald, 08/19/2020

Mahalo, Coronavirus, for providing me the opportunity to change, to grow. Thanks to you, I realize God is in control, not me! ...



God created one race: the human race

Hawaii Catholic Herald, 06/10/2020

Every day we are asked to show our love as Christians: Going to church weekly; opening the door for someone; helping at a food bank; sending our children to Catholic schools or religious education; reading the Bible; forgiving our spouse; helping with homework;...



Hawaii Catholic Herald, 03/04/2020

Ready or not, our Lenten journey has begun! If Lent caught you off-guard, don’t worry! It’s never too late to start again. Prayer God is not calling us to maintain the “status quo” of our prayer lives. How will we respond to his call to...



Be present during the Advent season

Hawaii Catholic Herald, 11/29/2019

Preparing for sports events takes grit, perseverance and even pain. Preparing for birthdays and Thanksgiving dinner remind us to be grateful for every gift God has given us, to truly treasure our family and friends, and to think of those in need. Preparing for tests and job interviews takes ...


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