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Embrace Family Learning provides Low Stress Strategies for Highly Successful Educators through the 9 Essentials Skills for a Love and Logic Classroom:

     1) Neutralizing Student Arguing

     2) Delayed Consequences

     3) Empathy

     4) The Recovery Process

     5) Developing Positive Teacher/Student Relationships

     6) Setting Limits with Enforceable Statements

     7) Using Choices to Prevent Power Struggles

     8) Quick and Easy Preventative Interventions

     9) Guiding Students to Own and Solve Their Problems

These sessions are conducted in a fun, energetic, and informative manner which allows the educators to practice during the in-service and implement these skills in their own classrooms.  Through multiple sessions, educators personalize and refine these skills such that they are increasingly effective and productive with their students.

Please contact us for more information on how to provide these practical skills for your educational team.

David Herrmann: 808-783-4673

Sarah Herrmann: 808-783-9298



Love and Logic is not a discipline program, but instead, is a menu of techniques designed to make your classroom a happy place to be, where teachers can have fun teaching and kids can have fun learning!