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From Love and Logic Attendees

From Attendees of our Presentations and Workshops:

  • “We arrived angry at each other and our kids, blaming each other, and arguing.  After the 6-week sessions, we left not only with highly-effective tools for parenting our kids, but we rediscovered our love for each other, as well.”

  • I learned a lot at this short session and am excited to use it at home

  • I can't wait to try tips I learned

  • “I enjoyed the positivity and uplifting approach.”

  • “I liked the excellent and practical examples and exceptional presentation.”

  • “I can’t wait to try the one-liners with my keiki!”

  • “I learned how to better respond to the kids with whom I work/minister to.”

  • “I feel more confident as to how I can respond to a challenging child!”

  • “It was important to hear about using Jesus as our model to ground our family in a faith that’s also practical for life.  I like the idea of giving them healthy choices at a very young age.”

  • “I felt like I was transformed from being the nagging, exhausted mom and incessant housekeeper to a much calmer, happier, faith-filled person who had time for my spouse, my kids, others, and – get this – even for myself!!”

  • “The role playing gave me a chance to practice some newly-learned skills in a safe, friendly, and humorous environment.  It’s nice knowing that many other parents are on this journey and that we are praying for each other!”

  • “The most significant thing I learned was practicing one-liner responses which, in the end, allow the child to think/solve a situation on their own, thus becoming a critical thinker.

  • “I learned the importance of consistency and accountability and that I am not raising a child, but an adult!”

From tutoring students, parents, and grandparents:

"Meeting Mrs. Herrmann was probably one of the best things that happened to me. I first met her in my junior year because I needed help with my English class. Not only did she help correct my grammatical and organizational errors but she also offered constructive criticisms on the content of my

paper so that I could become a better independent writer. On top of that, she was always willing to work with me and often worked around her schedule to fit me in whenever I needed help. I really cannot thank her enough and don’t even know what I would do if I hadn’t met her." - High School Senior going to an Ivy League College.

"Thank you for all you pour into others..your time, talent, treasure, and most of all prayers and love!! You have been a huge blessing to my family this past year and I can't thank you enough." -Janet, Oahu

"Our son has enjoyed the one-on-one tutoring with Sarah and has said: 'What a great teacher you are!!'" 


“Sarah has truly been a blessing to my son and to my whole family. She has extensive knowledge about learning disabilities and ADHD and is therefore able to explain and teach people with these challenges.”


"I wanted to let you know my grandson had to write an essay last week. One of the questions he had to answer was what his favorite subject was. He indicated "reading". I couldn't believe it. Only 2 years ago he hated reading and was embarrassed to read in front of the class. Thank you for all you have done to improve his reading and comprehension skills. You have helped him achieve greater self confidence and self esteem. You were a gift from God when he needed help."  - Valerie, Grandparent from the Big Island

"When I was in Hawaii with my family for summer vacation, my English wasn’t good. So, I started talking with Sarah and, after several weeks, I could understand more and it was easier for me talk. Sarah’s lessons were very useful and everyone should try them. I still remember Sarah as one of the best teachers I have ever had, even after several years."  - Ivan, student from Russia

"When I was in Hawaii, I was about 8-9 years old and I spoke almost no English, but Sarah helped me a lot with my English. I loved these lessons. They were both fun and helpful. Sarah is a great teacher! I very pleased that Sarah spent her time helping me with my English."  - Roman, student from Russia

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