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Free Webinars

Please watch these and reach out to us if you have any questions.
Happy Parenting!!
Watch our live Webinar (may take a few seconds to load):
Putting an End to Arguing, Back Talk, and Begging
Recorded: Wednesday May 6, @ 2:00pm Hawaii
Water our live Webinar (it may take a few seconds to load)
Teaching Responsibility without Losing Their Love
Recorded: Wednesday May 13, @ 2:00pm Hawaii
Wat our Webinar (it may take a few seconds to load)
Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their Own Problems
Recorded: Wednesday May 20, @ 2:00pm Hawaii


Embrace Family Learning provides tools and techniques for raising children to become happy, caring, responsible, and successful adults.


Our approach provides a variety of simple and effective strategies for parenting children from birth to adulthood.


Whether you’re embarking  on the parenting journey for the first time with your new baby or navigating the turbulent teens, our strategies and techniques will help you create calm, loving, and highly effective solutions.


We are certified presenters of the "9 Essentials Skills for a Love and Logic Classroom."  These are easy to implement tools to effectively manage a classroom, and reduce stress and burnout. 

Learn how to handle challenging situations in a loving way where students become more attentive and respectful based on your actions.


Sarah has 30+ years of educational experience--including being a teacher, principal, in-service provider, and consultant.  She provides academic tutoring (pre-k through adults), educational consultation, and presentations for schools and churches.


Embrace Family Learning

PO Box 753 

Kailua, HI 96734

Tel: 808-783-4673

For Parenting, Teacher In-services, or Tutoring:

- In-person

- Serving all Hawaiian Islands

- Across the United States

- Worldwide via Skype or Zoom

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Parenting Workshop

“We arrived angry at each other and our kids, blaming each other, and arguing.  After the 6-week sessions, we left not only with highly-effective tools for parenting our kids, but we rediscovered our love for each other, as well.”

- Happy Couple in Kailua!

Teacher In-Service

“Unlike many of the other in-services we attend, this one had effective tools which could be used the next school day.  Easy, effective, and I have control over my classroom!”

-  Happy Teacher,  Catholic School in Honolulu

Private Tutoring

"Sarah is absolutely the best, and I completely trust her!  She loves my daughter and my daughter loves to learn from her.  Sarah is simply magical!" 

- Happy Parent, in

San Fransisco, CA

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